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IB Chemistry

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Instructor: Brendt Bly  Email: brendt.bly@ais.edu.vn

Moving methane created by Robyn Rindge who works for PDI Dreamworks.

General Course Materials

Learning Styles Questionnaire

Learning Styles Description


Class Policies

A note on IB test answer keys


IBO Literature

Syllabus (Includes learning objectives)

Command Terms



IB Exams

Internal Assessment (Experiments and Group 4 Project)

Group 4 Project

Grade Descriptors


Study Resources

Periodic Table.xls


Textbook websites

Data Booklet (all the equations and information you will be given on the exam)

Memorization List

Ions Flashcards

Practice Quizzes from McMurry Text: Click on a chapter, click "go," click "problem solving center," and choose a quiz.

Laboratory Report Format.doc

IA Write-Up Rubric Checklist.doc

This is NOT the best IB site in the world.  Here are some rocking IB chemistry sites:

http://www.mwiseman.com/courses/chem_ib/  (great notes and video tutorials)





http://liakatas.org/chemblog/?page_id=9 <-- good IA example reports with marking



Topic 1 Quantitative Chemistry

Topic 2 and 12: Atomic Structure

Topic 3 and 13: Periodicity

Topic 4 and 14: Bonding

Topic 5 and 15: Energetics

Topics 6 and 16: Kinetics

Topics 7 and 17: Equilibrium

Topics 8 and 18: Acids and Bases

Topics 9 and 19: Oxidation and Reduction

Topic 10 Organic Chemistry

Topic 11 Measurement

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