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Quantitative Chemistry

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Formulas of Compounds.doc

Dimensional Analysis Notes.doc

Dimensional Analysis Notes.ppt

Measurement and Sig Figs Notes.doc

Measurement and Sig Figs Notes.ppt



Notes Molar Mass_percent composition_Molecular formulas.doc

Stoichiometry Notes.doc







Gas Laws Simulation Lab.doc

Dissociation Chemitivity:  http://www.chemcollective.org/vlab/vlab.php

Simulation of Formula of a hydrocarbon.doc  

HCl Titration Chemactivity.doc

Link to Virtual Lab (for "HCl Titration Chemactivity") http://ir.chem.cmu.edu/vlab/vlab.php 

Practice Test Quantitative Chem.rtf

Practice Test Quantitative Chem Answers.rtf



Tutorials from Norton textbook

Titration animation

Gas Laws Program (Use with gas laws simulation assignment)


Stoichiometry Glossary (Zumdahl & Zumdahl)


Stoichiometry Practice Problems

From Chemistry: The Central Science, 9th ed., by Brown, LeMay, & Bursten

From Chemistry, 8th ed., by Zumdahl & Zumdahl

(these practice tests require Microsoft Internet Explorer)

From Chemistry: The Science in Context!, by Gilbert, Kirss & Davies

From General Chemistry: Principles and Modern Applications, 8th ed., by Petrucci, Harwood, & Herring

From Chemistry: A Molecular Approach, 1st ed., by Tro

From Chemistry, 5th ed., by McMurry & Fay

From Chemistry: Principles, Patterns, and Applications, by Averill & Eldredge

From General Chemistry, 4th ed., by Hill, Petrucci, McCreary, & Perry


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