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You may use a "graphing calculator" such as a TI-83, and it's OK to store equations in it.

Any programmable or graphing calculator may be used, and students will NOT be required to erase their calculator
memories before or after the exam. Students will not be allowed to move on to the
last portion of the free-response section until time is called and all calculators are put
away. For the last 40 minutes (Part B) of the exam, students will work without
calculators on the remaining portion of the free-response section.


Exceptions to calculator use. Calculators that are not permitted are PowerBooks and portable/handheld
computers; electronic writing pads or pen-input/stylus-driven devices (e.g., Palm, PDAs, Casio ClassPad 300);
pocket organizers; models with Qwert y (i.e., typewriter) keypads (e.g., TI-92 Plus, Voyage 200); models with
paper tapes; models that make noise or “talk”; models that require an electrical outlet; cell phone calculators.
Students may not share calculators.


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